Blockchain Technology: Secured or Not?

Security is one of the main aspects of revolutionary blockchain technology. Quite a lot of people have the notion that blockchain is unhackable but is it so?
Fortunately, we, at TechTree India don’t take everything at face value. We prefer to tap into the details and pan out the necessary conclusions. This is why we asked Ty Miller, the Managing Director of Threat Intelligence about the blockchain security protocol.
FYI: Miller is in this industry of ethical hacking for more than 15 years. He also happens to be a keynote speaker at several Black Hat conferences.
Delving into the discussion, Miller highlights that the more blockchain technology becomes mainstream, the more will it attract the gaze of malicious threat players. In the preliminary steps, blockchain technology fared well but the real challenge is to see how it tackles the issues of security in the subsequent levels.
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In terms of risk and defenses, the transparency that blockchain offers is remarkable. It guarantees trust and validation yet there lies a fundamental risk. As blockchain works with cryptocurrencies, the transactions can never be kept entirely private; they run the risk of being exposed. The wallets and transactions are kept under surveillance – publicly – leading to a serious data privacy breach.
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